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It had to happen: along comes a movie using a hashtag as a title, in the form of ‘#Horror,’ directorial debut of Tara Subkoff starring Chloe Sevigny.

Beyond the title, not a great deal is known about the movie, aside from that – bewilderingly, considering its moniker – it’s a ‘scandalous noir thriller,’ so Deadline tell us.

So… not, you know, a horror movie?

Still, the film from producers Brendan Walsh, Jason Ludman and Oren Segal has attracted a seasoned and reasonably high profile cast which, as well as Sevigny (‘American Psycho,’ ‘Boys Don’t Cry’) includes Timothy Hutton (‘Ordinary People,’ ‘Taps’), Balthazar Getty (‘Lord of the Flies,’ ‘Young Guns II’) and Natasha Lyonne (the ‘American Pie’ movies, ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’).

As to just why it’s chosen to use a hashtag as its title – well, at this point your guess is as good as ours. It would seem to imply social media plays a key role in the story. But it’s a fairly bold move which we can easily envisage drawing some attention to the film, on which photography has reportedly wrapped.

On the other hand, using a title so mind-bogglingly generic could also come back to bite them in the behind, particularly given how spectacularly search engine unfriendly it’s likely to be. (Go on, just try searching ‘#Horror,’ witness the vast swathes of stuff you come up with which have nothing to do with this particular movie…)

Titles can be a tricky business, after all; pick something a little too unique and you may inadvertently condemn your film to relative obscurity. Take ‘F,’ the distinctly above-average school-set British slasher of 2010 from director Johannes Roberts, which remains sadly under-seen – surely owing at least in part to how hard it is to search for online.