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Look, I’ll get to Brian Cox. In a minute. However, this movie has THE Denny Gordon in it. The limo guy? The guy who shaped everything about what corporate America was all about for an impressionable young kid of 12? Well, you might not get a kick out of seeing Denny back in the swing of things, NOR seeing the visage of Neal Page’s wife so close to Thanksgiving, but there’s some real talent here.

It’s an interesting tale about coming to terms with life but it’s told with intersecting narratives that appear to crisscross one another. Apart from this being a Kickstarter campaign that actually PRODUCED something (I’m still waiting for my Pebble watch) there is no denying the indie spirit here. It doesn’t seem commercial enough to warrant thinking that this could be the next Bridesmaids but that’s OK, there’s a place for mass market comedy and there’s a place for films that want to delve into the minutiae of people getting into old age. To explore the nooks and crannies of the recriminations of your life, that’s just not done a lot anymore on screen, so this trailer is great in how it ties the trials and tribulations of a young man with the despair some of the older folk are dealing with as they push though their own issues.

It’s looking to give you a lot of information though a tiny window but Brian Cox is given such a long intro that it’s almost boggling to try and tie everything that comes after to it. But, it does. The stories of everyone we meet zig and zag but it all works and is cohesive. You get where people are coming from and it simply tells its story by letting the characters do it for you. It’s refreshing when interstitials are put aside to allow a more natural approach and this one got it right.